Cape Girardeau Police Department approved to purchase body cameras

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau Police Department is working to implement body cameras for its officers.

The department, which hasn't set a date for implementation, said they hope to keep officers and the public safe.

According to Sergeant Rick Schmidt, the department will use this as a tool to continue performing their duties effectively.

"It's not a failsafe, but it's a tool that we can use to help us in our job."

The department recently received approval in next year's budget to spend $54,000 on new equipment.

The Jackson Police Department said they've been using body cameras for their officers for about five years.

According to Jackson Officer Alex Broch, the equipment is very important in their day to day with the public.

"I think they're important now to kind of give the public and our supervisors here a first hand look at how the interaction's going," said Broch.

"If something high profile were to happen to one of the officers here to one of the officers or anything like that, we're able to have footage of that interaction."

Back in Cape, Sargent Schmidt said that's the kind of benefit they hope to get once they make body cams a permanent part of their uniforms.

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