Bed bugs scare residents in Puxico, Mo; they say land lord isn't doing enough

PUXICO, MO (KFVS) - Bed bugs can be a costly guest and most people never want to have to deal with the pests. But some residents in Puxico, Mo. have been dealing with them for months and they said their land lord isn't doing enough.

"It's terrible," said Joan Arnold, a resident who's neighbors have bed bugs. "We have been dealing with it for awhile and nothing's happening"
"Scared us," added Ruth Tipon who has actually seen bed bugs in her apartment at the Puxico Senior living center, "We didn't know what in the world it was."

The land lord, Alice Patrick said she sprayed the affected areas six times. The first building that had bugs a total of three, the second one twice, and the third only one time, last week.

But even with the spraying, the residents said they've continued to see a problem. They believe that the person spraying isn't spraying enough and isn't using the right chemicals.

"He didn't do anything," said Arnold when describing the time the person came to spray. "Around my bed, it wasn't wet on the carpet."
"They're spraying back there I'm curious," said another resident who helped Tipon check for the bugs. "So I got in there and started looking, I found four."
"If we don't get it controlled in my apartment it's gonna come into this one," said Tipon before showing me the inside of her apartment.

Tipon has abandoned her bedroom for fear of getting bit, she now sleeps on a bed lent to her by a friend that is sitting in her living room. She claims that bed bugs were in her sheet and in between her mattress and box spring.

The landlord also gave Tipon and other residents cans of bug spray in case they saw any new bugs. But that's not good enough for those living there. They have spent additional money buy stuff to prevent the bugs from getting into their own place.

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