Man arrested for assaulting St. Francois Co. deputy

Man arrested for assaulting St. Francois Co. deputy

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A man from Granite City, Illinois is behind bars in St. Francois County, Missouri after allegedly assaulting a deputy during a traffic stop.

According to the probable cause statement, someone reported a possible intoxicated driver going south on US Highway 67 on July 28.

Deputy Michael Jones wrote that he spotted a vehicle matching the description. He said he saw the driver turn his headlights off and on several times and changed lanes "in an erratic manner" multiple times without using a blinker. The driver also followed cars too closely and honked his horn multiple times.

Jones stopped the driver who identified himself as Charles Leonard. He reportedly gave the deputy an Illinois ID only card along with an insurance card for the car.

The probable cause statement shows that Deputy Jones noticed Leonard's pupils were pinpoint which indicated he may be under the influence of drugs. After running Leonard's information, Jones asked for permission to search the car.

Leonard gave consent and got out of the car. When Deputy Jones asked to pat Leonard down to search for weapons, he wrote that Leonard became combative.

Jones tried to put Leonard's hands behind his back, but Leonard tried to pull away, sending them both into a ditch. The two struggled and Leonard hit Jones in the head. Jones was able to call for backup.

After other officers arrived, Jones searched the area where the two struggled and found a glass pipe that Leonard dropped. He also noticed that his ear was bleeding.

Leonard was arrested and charged with assault on a law enforcement officer.

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