"Lucky's" Road to Recovery

Lucky's Road to Recovery
By: Heartland News

A hound puppy is well on his way to a full recovery, thanks to a Heartland man with a big heart. Things did not look good for the dog after he was apparently hit by a car on the interstate.

But, lucky for him, someone came to his rescue. Joe Sexauer, a Cape Girardeau barber, happened to be driving on I-55 Sunday morning. He spotted a dog in the median.

It was dragging his legs behind him towards speeding traffic in the opposite lane. So Joe turned his truck around, grabbed the dog, and put him in his truck.

Then he took him home and called the vet.

Doctor Sean Byrd says had a fractured pelvis and his right femur was out of socket. But thanks to Joe's kindness, the dog they now call Lucky, is making an amazing recovery.

Byrd says the dog they thought might never walk again, will be running ahead of schedule. Joe agrees Lucky is quite a fighter and a really sweet dog.

If you are interested in adopting Lucky, you can call 1-573-334-7164.