Little mobile food pantry opens in Alexander County

(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)
(Source: Mike Mohundro/KFVS)

ALEXANDER COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Horseshoe Lakers 4-H Food Pantry is open in Alexander County.

This little food pantry was built by children in the Horseshoe Lakers 4-H Club to help give back to those in need in Alexander County.

"I think that people will like it," Horseshoe Lakers 4-H member Eli Sitton said.

"We're going to help people that can't afford things that they need," Horseshoe Lakers 4-H member Allie Koch said.

This pantry will be moved to different locations in Alexander County for those who need a little assistance.

"There's a lot of people that need food around here. A lot of homeless people," Horseshoe Lakers 4-H member Breyden Martin said.

The 4-H group came up with this idea to build one after seeing the need in their communities. The kids built the food pantry themselves and stocked it with food, school supplies and everyday essentials.

"There's a lot of people that need things for school and they need school supplies, food, water and stuff for their animals," Eli Sitton said.

It's housed at the Horseshoe Lake Community Center in Olive Branch for the next two weeks until it's moved to the next location.

"We decided to make it mobile so that all of Alexander County can utilize the necessities in it," Horseshoe Lakers 4-H Club Leader Carmen Birk-Martin said.

"Maybe if people that don't have stuff live somewhere else besides Olive Branch, like when we move it then maybe it's closer to them and they can get stuff too," Horseshoe Lakers 4-H member Kyleigh Koch said.

Birk-Martin feels Alexander County has had a few hard times over the years and felt this pantry was much needed.

"It's no secret that Alexander County has its share of hardships with the flood here in Olive Branch, as well as Miller City; Cairo with all the turmoil there," Birk-Martin added. "We wanted to make sure that all the towns that encompass Alexander County are able to utilize the pantry."

"There's just a lot of kids, more or less kids, that just run around in the street. Maybe they don't have enough food or money to buy food so they can just come up here and grab it," Breyden Martin said.

Eli Sitton also felt that this pantry might help the children with nutritional needs in the morning for when they go back to school.

"Some kids might come to school hungry and then they can't think straight when their working at school," Eli Sitton added.

After the 4-H group built the pantry, they wanted to do a little something extra by putting their signature on the sides of the little pantry.

"This way everybody in the community knows who made it," Horseshoe Lakers 4-H member Zach Miller said. "I just think it's really nice that everyone wanted to help," Eli Sitton added.

Birk-Martin was happy the kids cared enough to help out their neighbors and the surrounding communities.

"The fact that they're interested in helping and just keeping that passion flowing is most important," Birk-Martin said.

"It's good to know that they have food and they're going to survive," Zach Miller added.

One of the members mother Amy Sitton hopes other communities keep helping out and would like to see even more little mobile food pantries like this one.

"We want to make this a challenge to other 4-H groups to do this in their area," Amy Sitton said.

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