Countdown to Heartland Eclipse 2017: Most photographed eclipse ever

(KFVS) - The total solar eclipse on August 21 may be the most photographed eclipse ever.

Scientists all over the country will be taking pictures of the event, television stations will cover it and probably even your neighbors will be outside with a camera.

But what do you need to take a decent photo of the event?

Shooting videos or stills of a solar eclipse is not an issue as long as eye safety precautions are followed. Use mylar or a glass solar filter on the lens throughout the partial phases for both photography and safe viewing.

The better the lens, the better the image. Longer focal lengths allow you to get a better view of the sun and the corona.

Finally, the camera, It can be anything from your phone to a telescope.

Don't forget, once you capture your images of the eclipse, share them with us at

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