Cape Shriners Club break ground on new facility in Jackson, MO

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The Cape Shriners Club broke ground on their new facility in Jackson, Missouri on Tuesday, July 25.

The group recently received a piece of land off of I-55 in Jackson.

Dozens of people came out to show their support including some of the children that were once patients served by the organization.

"The very fact that all these people came out here and took the time out of their day on a Tuesday to come out here shows amazing support and for the love and care for what we do," Shrine Potentate Dean Isbell said.

People of all ages grabbed a shovel to commemorate the new facility. Their faces were lit with smiles as they took a shovel full of dirt and flung it to the side.

The Shriners Club has 22 hospitals for children where they specialize in treating burns, cleft pallet, orthopedics and spinal injuries.

You might remember seeing them at past Christmas parades collecting toys for children in need.

Workers have been trying to secure a new building since the organization formed in 1972 in Cape Girardeau.

"The building we have now is not really kid friendly," Cape Shrine Club President Chuck Stratton said. "This is going to be kid friendly for all the kid functions we have. We are outsourcing our building now. When we have our Christmas parties and other functions we have to rent buildings. This will save on our revenue which in turn will be more money toward the hospital in St. Louis for our St. Louis Shriner Hospital."

With an anonymous donation, they were able to get started on building at the new location on Old Cape Road in Jackson.

"The little children you see, we see them every year at Christmas. A few years ago they couldn't walk, they couldn't run around," Stratton said. "With the help of the Shriners and the orthopedics, they can run like a normal kid now."

They plan on giving their Shriner kids a Christmas party once a year. They hope the building is ready by this Christmas.

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