Exercise in the heat; tips to stay safe

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you like to take your workout outside, we have some tips to help get you through your fitness routine in the hot weather.

Local fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson says it is all about making smart choices even before you walk out the door.

"There's a few things you want to remember," Crowson said. "The first is to make sure that what you're wearing is suitable for exercising in hot weather. Look for something that says dri-fit on it. These are actually fabrics that pull moisture away from your body and makes it a little bit easier to evaporate. Of course, light colored fabrics are going to be better than dark colored fabrics."

Crowson also suggests taking a cold shower before you workout.

"What that's going to do it cool your body temperature down and it's just going to be that much further to get to a point where you do have to go inside," Crowson said. "Leave the hair wet, let it drip down onto your face.  It's going to help cool you. Then afterwards, take another shower, but don't start it cold. Start it a little warm and then and then gradually cool it down so you don't have that shock to your system."

Even more importantly, be mindful of when you exercise.

"Make sure that you exercise at the right time of day," Crowson said. "You can split your workout into two different times, one in the morning and one in the evening to avoid being out too long."

The type of workout you choose can also make a difference.

"Maybe choose an exercise with less intensity or something that's moving you forward, like biking where you have that breeze on you," Crowson said. "Don't be afraid to take breaks either.  Exercising in the heats means you're going to get a more intense workout.  So, take the intensity down a little bit. You'll still get a great workout, but it won't be dangerous."

Finally, drink what all throughout the day, not just when you are working.

That will help keep you hydrated.

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