Farmers Market in Cape Girardeau closes early due to heat

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Hot temperatures were still a factor on Saturday, July 22 in the Heartland with the temperature over 90 degrees and heat index over 100 degrees. And that was before noon.

With the heat being a concern, the Farmers Market closed up shop early.

Many stands were out by 11 a.m., however, some braved the elements for a few extra dollars.

Autumn Abernathy set up her Little Ant Soap Company stand. Sweat was pouring off her face as she was packing up. She said this heat is not worth it staying out in.

"The heat index rising as high as it is today, not only puts our customers in danger but it puts us vendors in danger too," Abernathy said. "Long exposure to heat has really severe effects on people who are younger, older, people suffering from illness and it's much safer for everybody to get indoors after a certain point today."

She sells organic items including soaps which could be affected by the heat easily. Financially, it's not worth keeping her items out in this heat.

"With my products being organic and natural and made of butters and plant based oils, the heat takes a toll on it and I risk losing more money than I do making money," Abernathy said.

As far as fruits and vegetables in the heat, vendor Matt Pearson said most are okay being out in the heat but there are exceptions.

"Some things get soft like sweet corn if you don't keep water on it then it will dry out and cucumbers get soft but it's not bad," Matt Pearson said.

Pearson said the real concern for him is the lack of rain and dry weather conditions along with this heat lately.

"If we don't get rain here before too long it's just going to quit production," Pearson said. "If it don't get a drink, it dies. It's just how it is. This is my livelihood. If it dies then I can't sell it."

Sunday there is a chance of some rain in the forecast but temperatures are again expected to be in the mid 90's.

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