Firefighters try to stay cool in heat wave

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The heat wave affects everyone who has to be outside and that includes our first responders.

Firefighters are wearing 60 pounds of gear when fully loaded and it can feel like wearing a parka and insulated pants. Most of the day they can stay in the A/C like what all of us want to do but sometimes they have to get out and about.

"It was a busy morning," said Randy Morris, a firefighter with Cape Girardeau after a morning that included 10 calls. "Normally we're running that amount in a shift."

Even when they're doing everyday tasks they try to stay cool. Whether that restocking the truck, hitting the gym, or washing the truck, they're always thinking about staying hydrated in case they're called out to a fire.

"We don't take a break for hot days," said Morris

Even when the sun is coming down on these firefighters, it doesn't change their day. They're still responsible for protecting others, even in the scorching heat.

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