Perryville Couple Arrested for Child Endangerment

Perryville Couple Arrested for Child Endangerment
By:  Ryan Tate
Perryville, MO -- A Perryville couple faces four counts each of child endangerment, after police arrest them for the conditions inside their home.
According to Perryville Police Chief Keith Tarrillion, Daniel and Mary Winslow's home was the "worst I have ever seen," Tarrillion said.
"The outside of the house is a beautiful, pleasant house, but on the inside it tells a totally different story," Tarrillion said.
Police found garbage, clothes, and animal feces spread throughout the house. Tarrillion said one of his officers commented that it was the worst he had ever seen. When police arrested the Winslows, Tarrillion said they didn't give an excuse as to why it looked the way it did.
The children are now home with their parents. An officials with the Department of Family and Child Services confirmed that, but wouldn't say anymore than that. During the arrest, the children were in the custody of D.C.F.S. They range in age from seven to fifteen years old.