Cape Girardeau doctor, new mother have advice to keep newborns safe from illness

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - An 18-day-old baby who suffered from a deadly form of meningitis has passed away in Iowa.

According to Southeast Health pediatrician Chelsea Grigery, the immune system of a newborn has not fully developed, making them vulnerable to various illness.

"Newborns are particularly susceptible to various different infections, in particular, meningitis, just because their immune system is not as strong as we'd like it to be under two months of age," said Dr. Grigery.

Some parents may be wondering how they can protect their newborns.

According to new mother Mandie Presser, she takes steps to keep her baby protected from various germs.

"My father-in-law actually had a cold at the time she was born so he wore a face mask so that way he can hold her, love on her but kept her protected at the same time," said Presser.

According to Dr. Grigery, parents should keep an eye out for changes in their newborn.

"It's definitely a concern, for parents that if their child should start to have a change in mental status, very high fever, severe fever, severe headaches, vomiting or anything where their child is acting out of sorts they should seek medical care."

Dr. Grigery said parents can add an extra layer of protection for their child by having them vaccinated.

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