Staying cool in the summer heat, tips for workers

(KFVS) - It's a feeling we know all too well.

"It'll get hotter," said Troy Heisserer with Riverside Roofing.

He's been working for 14 years.

The temperature on the roof of a building can be much higher than what we feel walking around.

"We'll polish a water cooler off in a day or sometimes before the day is over," he said.

He said if you work outside, or are just out in the yard, you need to know your body.

"Take it slow and steady, don't over exert yourself just go as you're able to, you know," said Heisserer.

Heisserer said they always try to beat the heat.

"Try to start as soon as possible and get out of here as soon as you can," he said.

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