"Learning and Losing It"

"Learning and Losing It"
By:  Wendy Ray
It's important to know how to live a healthy life, and a group of children in Missouri's Bootheel is getting a jump start on the subject. We went to Lilbourn Wednesday to visit with the group. We soon found out we can all learn something from these children.
Whether it's learning about fun ways to exercise, how to make a grocery list with newspaper clippings, or finding types of fruit in word searches, these kids are learning a lot. 12 year old Tykeiah Jones says, "I learned about fruits and vegetables and how we should stay healthy and exercise." Tykeiah says she kind of knew about nutrition before, but this two week pilot project called "Learning and Losing it with Lincoln University" has helped her and 54 other children learn how to live a healthy life.
Project consultant Claudette Scott says,"We targeted three diseases they will think about when eating, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Each day they plan meals they think will make their health better." Scott thinks children need a program like this. "A lot of the children are in charge of themselves. Their parents work, they sometimes prepare their own meals, fix their own lunches, and sometimes fix their own dinner. We want them to know with the stuff they're learning now, they can plan meals and help parents do the shopping," she says.
These children, ages six to twelve, are soaking it all in. Seven year old Myesha Martin says she learned to eat healthy and to be good. Eight year old Asten Gill says,"I learned to eat right and not eat fried foods or fats and sweets." 10 year old Dyamonn Howard says, "I learned how to eat a healthy meal, stay fit, exercise, and do the things we're supposed to do."
The children in the "Learning and Losing It" program are also in "Kids' Beat," an after school program that serves roughly one thousand children throughout the Bootheel. "Learning and Losing It" is free for the children.