City of Perryville, Mo at odds with resident over flood damage

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A Perryville, Missouri woman said she is tired of worrying if her home would be flooded whenever it rains.

Sonya Wright said it all began after heavy rain hit in April and said subsequent rains in June and July have caused more damage and flooding to her family's home.

Wright believes the city of Perryville is responsible for fixing the issue caused by the rain, what she said is $100,000 in damage.

She added she is not convinced the city is doing what needs to be done to make things right.

"We have to live in a house that's damaged," said Wright. "Nobody cares."

Brent Buerck, the administrator for the city of Perryville, said Wright's home sits near a sink hole. He believes it may be causing the flooding.

Buerck said the city has a plan to address Wright's sinkhole.

"The city has a plan to open up that sink hole again and see if something shifted that we can see," said Buerck. "Maybe something happened in there that is restricting the flow of water."

Buerck added that Wright's most recent flooding issue was due to a broken sewer line and a piece of trash stuck inside.

He said it is unclear whether it is the same thing that has caused the previous flooding at Wright's home.

Buerck affirmed the sewer line is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner.

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