Experts offer tips on maintaining cool home in summer heat

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - As the temperatures rise during the summer months, one of the worst things that a homeowner can endure is having the air conditioner stop working.

However, there are some preventative steps experts suggest before you run into a hot and sticky situation like this.

Some of the most common calls are to repair condenser coils in the back of the units.

According to Greg Brown, the branch manager at Aire Solutions in Cape Girardeau, periodic checks to heating and cooling units can help them last longer and work when they're supposed to.

"You wouldn't drive your car for a year or two years and not change the oil in it or not put tires on it or not check the air pressure, would you? Your air conditioner is like your car - it probably works harder than your car so you definitely want to have it serviced by a professional to hit off any problems and save you some agony when it gets really, really hot," said Brown.

According to Kristopher Brown, the service and install manager at Aire Solutions, there are two times each year where customer volume increases.

"Our busiest times are in extremely hot and in extreme cold," said Kristopher Brown. "That's when the units are running the hardest."

He recommended not waiting after you notice an issue to contact a professional to repair the unit.

Also, older units could cost you more in electric charges. Kristopher Brown recommended keeping your units newer since they conserve more power.

"A lot of the older equipment 15 years and older is just inefficient," said Kristopher Brown. "Back then, electricity was cheap. It didn't matter how much it cost to run stuff."

There may be an incentive to purchase more efficient units.

Kristopher Brown said many local electric companies may offer rebates for replacing heating and air units.

It's best to check with your energy provider to see if you qualify.

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