Perryville Airport offers new way to enjoy August eclipse

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - The Eclipse is just over a month away and people will be coming from all over to watch it in the Heartland on August 21.

The Perryville Municipal Airport has announced that they can handle around 133 planes and are planning on filling up.

The airport is also hosting one of the city's watch parties so when people land in their private planes they can enjoy the Eclipse there. But  two courtesy cars will be shuttling people to downtown Perryville.

The airport crew is planning tirelessly to make sure they have their parking schemes down and they're using airshows as a model.

But Airport Manager, Larry Dauer said it all will take some practice because experienced pilots will be moving the planes once they land.

"Actually before the 21 we'll actually park some airplanes out here and taxi between them and make sure our plan will work good." Dauer said. "And we've been to Oshkosh and we've watched how they work up there and we'll kind of be a mini-action of that."

To attend the viewing party at the airport you won't need a plane to fly in. You can drive up and see scientists from all over who will be there to explain things.

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