New Heartland Mayor Gets Tough Introduction to Job

New Heartland Mayor Gets Tough Introduction to Job
By:  Ryan Tate

Bloomfield, MO -- Bloomfield Mayor Donna Gard says the first three months of her tenure "have gone by so fast." She says she has not been able to everything she had hoped so far because of other problems.
Those problems include three city employees resigning.
"They wouldn't work with me," Mayor Gard said. "I asked too many questions and wanted to change things I guess."
One of those changes included altering a city bank account. Gard found out the city has one million dollars in the bank. But she also found out the city was not getting as much out of there money as it could. Three employees resigned, and Gard can't figure out why.
The Mayor wants to make other changes as well. She wants to improve the city streets and sewers. She also wants to set up committees to help seniors and children. She just has to find the time to do it.
"It may not happen this summer. We've been too busy with other things but I think it will," Gard said.