Teen Animal Rescue

Teen Animal Rescue
By:  CJ Cassidy

Poplar Bluff, MO -- Two teenagers are spending their summer rescuing abandoned animals.  Animal control officers with the police department run the Poplar Bluff animal shelter and can use all the help they can get fnding good homes for strays. 

The young rescuers say they're up to the task. "I've always been an animal person, and had all kinds of pets my whole life," one of the teens says.

The "tale" of the 16 year olds took on a whole new direction when they opened up their families' homes to stray animals.
"They're all over the internet animal cruelty stories so many dogs have been set on fire literally for entertainment and you see so many emaciated it breaks our hearts to see that, so we want to help as many as we can," Denise Douglas explained.
She and Devin Alexander began their pet project about a month ago. The pair have already picked up several unwanted or abandoned dogs that can be seenon their website called 2DRescue.

It tells prospective owners how they can adopt a furry friend.  "Everybody has a computer and that can be a permanent thing," Devin says.

And along with a lot of licks from grateful pups, Denise and Devin have also had some luck with their new venture.  "We got a Jack Russell Terrier adopted out. Somebody called us about it and they saw posting on a message board, and told us their neighbor was going to shoot him if we didn't rescue him. So we went and picked him up, and he had over 250 ticks on him, which we got off, and now he's going to a home this weekend," Devin says.

Poplar Bluff has a shelter.but it can only hold animals so long, before having to put them down.
So far Denise and Devin have counted on friends and family to help with the cost of caring for the strays they've saved and they're counting on your donations to continue to do so.