Children and Acid Reflux

Children and Acid Reflux
By: Wendy Ray

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --A cough and a sore throat are symptoms most often times associated with colds, b

ut they could be a sign of
acid reflux in children. You might not think of children suffering with acid reflux, but a Cape Girardeau doctor says there are a lot of kids who do.

An allergist may not immediately come to mind when you think about treating acid reflux, but allergist Janna Tuck treats a lot of children with the condition. The symptoms of acid reflux are similar to asthma and allergies. "They'll come in with a chronic cough, a cough that hasn't been treated with allergy medications. The medications didn't make the cough better, asthma medications didn't make the cough better, they thought they had a sinus infection," Dr. Tuck says. They had acid reflux, it's when acid from your stomach comes back into your esophagus. Dr. Tuck says acid reflux can start at birth.

Infants with acid reflux spit up excessively and have trouble gaining weight. Toddlers will cough until they vomit, are able to vomit easily, they only eat a little bit at a time all day long, and they may be irritable. School aged children with acid reflux have stomach pain and regurgitate acid.

Children with acid reflux tend to get better as they get older, but Dr. Tuck says they will probably have it for life. There are prescription drugs that can take care of the problem. Even though they are the same ones adults take, they are safe for children. "Most of the drugs either have pediatric dosing or they're working on pediatric dosing," Dr. Tuck says.