SURVEY: Jackson, MO residents satisfied with city

SURVEY: Jackson, MO residents satisfied with city

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The City of Jackson conducted its first citizen satisfaction survey and the results were positive.

The final report was formally accepted by the mayor and Board of Alderman at their July 3 meeting.

Some of the results include:

  • 95 percent feel the City of Jackson is an excellent or good place to raise children
  • 94 percent feel the City is an excellent or good place to live
  • 74 percent feel the City is moving in the right direction; only 7 percent disagree
  • Satisfaction with City services is much higher in Jackson than in other communities
  • Street maintenance, traffic flow management and curbside recycling are key areas for improvement

You can click here for complete findings of the final survey report on the City's website.

The survey was administered by mail, online and phone to randomly selected residents throughout the city. The goal was to get completed surveys from at least 400 Jackson residents.

According to the City, they exceeded the goal with a total of 707 residents completing the survey. The overall results for the sample of 707 households have a precision of at least +/-3.5 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.

ETC Institute administered the survey to residents of Jackson in spring 2017.

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