7/5/17 - Phone Addiction

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

Before I start my ViewPoint I would like for you to do me a favor. I know this is an odd way to start, but can you put your cell phone down?  No seriously, put your phone down and just pay attention to me.

Now, that's not that hard is it? I'm trying to make a point. I can't tell you how many times I'm talking to someone or having a group conversation and the other person gets distracted by, or is paying attention to, their phone. When I'm out to eat I see families and friends looking at their cell phones instead of talking to one another. Whatever happened to simple conversation?

This last weekend I nearly got run off the road by a guy watching videos on his phone while he was driving! Really?

The other day in the grocery store I had to keep someone else's two-year-old from falling out of the basket because her mother was on her phone surfing Facebook instead of watching her child.

Just this morning I watched a landscaper trying to trim hedges with one hand because he was on the phone.

What has happened to us? Are we that addicted to our phones? Do we even notice those around us anymore?

Let me ask you this question: Because you are focused on your phone, how many great conversations are you missing out on?

Don't get me wrong, I want you to keep your cell phone. But when you are with someone, put your phone down and focus on the people you're with. You will be amazed at what you were missing.

I'm Scott Thomas, and that's our ViewPoint.

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