A Place to Call Home: Featuring Destry

REYNOLDS COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - On a sunny, summer day 11-year-old Destry is ready to be outside.

He loves to swim and go fishing.

"We could have a competition," said Destry to Crystal Britt.

The two spent a morning in Reynolds County fishing at an area pond.

It was a great place to get to know one another. Destry talked about how he likes school.

The honor student will be a fifth grader this fall. He really enjoys math, but said gym class is also pretty high on his list.

"I like basketball, soccer, kickball, and baseball."

For Destry, there's something calming and relaxing about being outdoors. May be it's just the beauty of nature, or the fresh air.

He enjoys taking it in which is easy to understand considering everything he's been through.

Destry has been in foster care since 2013.

It was heartbreaking to hear his first reaction to what he wants in a family.

"No drugs, no abuse," said Destry.

Not that they take him on vacation or spend a lot of money on him, just that they follow the law and treat him well.

He said parents should be honest, and not keep secrets from their children.

He would love to find a family where he would have siblings. He said that's not the most important thing, but he daydreams about what they might do together as a family.

"We'd play video games, be active outside, like doing a whole bunch of stuff, no arguing...respect," said Destry.

Destry said he's learned a lot about respect in the last four years, and he said you'll like him once you get to know him.

"I'm a good kid," said Destry.

We found he is well mannered, and is very easy going and patient.

That was easy to see as we waited and waited for the fish to bite.

Destry envisions future fishing trips with his new parents.

Crystal Britt asked him, "Why is it important for you to find a new family?"  Destry replied, "So I can start over."

He hopes one of you could give him the home, and love he deserves.

One of his teachers wrote this about Destry:

"Destry shows a great desire to learn and please adults. Destry is proud when he meets expectations. Destry improved greatly in reading, and though he struggles with writing, he works hard to improve. He always participates in class discussions, and shows empathy for others."

You can find about more about Destry and other children we have featured by calling 1-800-554-2222.

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