Cape Girardeau FD warns against charging phone near sleeping areas

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Chief Brian Shaffer, the Fire Marshall for the Cape Girardeau Fire Department has a warning for people who charge their mobile devices while in bed - don't do it!

By doing so, he says, you can put yourself at risk for something catastrophic: a fire. Chaffee resident Sharon Ford says something like this is unthinkable.

"It'll be a terrible thing to lose your family in a fire just because of a phone," said Ford.

Ford says one of her children sleeps with a mobile device charging near a combustible surface. Shaffer says this is a bad idea.

"We don't want to see your phone charging on a soft combustible like your sofa, your pillow, your bed, your mattress," said Shaffer.

The Fire Marshall offers suggestions on where to leave your device at night.

"A good place to charge your phone would be in your kitchen or kitchen counter top," said Shaffer. "Or if you have to charge your phone in your bedroom, keep it on your nightstand."

Shaffer says the heat coming from the mobile device could help ignite a combustible surface. He also suggests purchasing proper accessories with your device because knockoffs do not maintain the same safety standards as brand name items.

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