Everyday Hero: Shania Rogers

Shania Rogers learned at a young age to respect law enforcement.

After all, her father put on a uniform for 36 years.

And now this Everyday Hero goes out of her way to say thank you to the men and women in blue.

Back the blue is not just a saying in this family.

"Every vacation we go on, every police week, every time I have a little extra money I try to do thank you baskets, or a cookie, or donuts, just to drop by," said Everyday Hero Shania Rogers.

Her thankful attitude spans the country from her hometown of Charleston, MO to"Cincinnati, OH. Louisville, KY. Kansas city, MO. Mississippi. Memphis, St. louis, Ferguson," she recounted.

Shania calls it a lifelong fascination with law enforcement.

A community she hopes to be a part of one day.

But for now she's answering the call for help by offering what she can.

"If I can't be out there with them helping, I'm going to do as much as I can as a civilian," she said. "I just felt the need to help. To say thank you for everything they do. They're out there everyday and they might not come home. Even more now than ever and I just want to say there are citizens who appreciate that."

Through her travels and experiences with different departments Shania find those in this often thankless field of work truly don't know how to respond to her unexpected kindness.

"Surprised at first and then they're extremely thankful."

And that surprised reaction is what pushes her to continue her good deeds.

"There have been times where I haven't had much extra money to spend and one of those cookies, their faces light up. Just shows me I need to do it more," she said.

Whether it's helping out her hometown heroes…"me and my son brought lunch for everybody on shift that day. It felt like I was doing something when I couldn't be there to help on the front line. It was just important to me to help out when all of that was going on. That hit real close to home."

Or traveling the country to show her support.

Shania simply says, "I'm proud to do it. I'm happy to do it."

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