Treating your pets for snake bites: don't wait

(KFVS) - With summer here more animals and critters are spending time outside, making your pets more susceptible to snake bites.

Veterinarian, Dr. Sean Byrd said that all snakes teeth are full of bacteria.

"When they bite they actually inject bacteria and cause a nasty apses," Dr. Byrd said.

Meaning, even if your pet is bitten by a non venomous snake it will still need to be treated.

"If you think your dog or cat got bit by a snake, it is best to bring them in right away," Dr. Byrd said.

If you wait to see the apses, the situation could get a lot worse making the recovery period a lot longer.

If your pet is bitten by a venomous snake it will have to be hospitalized, and could possibly die Dr. Byrd said.

Dr. Byrd said that snake bites are very rare and most of the time animals that are brought into the clinic for a bite weren't bitten by a snake.

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