Break a sweat with the stair workout

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - You can exercise anywhere.

The key is to find ways to use what is around you.

Local fitness trainer Tamatha Crowson said stairs can be a great resource to break a sweat.

"I put together a great workout that you can do on steps or stairs are your house," Crowson said. "It's a great way to workout with just minimal equipment, but still get some benefits out of it."

First, warm up by walking up and down the stairs for about two minutes.

The warm-up is followed by three exercises completed in a circuit style, 10 reps each exercise.

It starts with a push-up.

"This is an incline push up," Crowson said. "Your hands are on an elevated surface. Keep the core nice and tight, bring the chest down to the step, and then pushing right back up"

From there, you move on to an up and down lunge.

"One foot on the step, make sure your entire foot steps up," Crowson said. "You're going to pull the opposite knee up, bring it back down, and then down into a lunge position at the bottom.  Repeat ten times on each leg."

Next, we have what Crowson calls a skater climb.

"It is basically a wide climb of the stairs," Crowson said "You keep your legs real far apart."

Crowson said you can do it at a quick pace or just a walk.

"When you're doing an exercise that involves a single leg, a right and a left is one rep," Crowson said.

After completing those three exercises, you do a three minute cardio blast running up the stairs and then jogging back down.

It is followed by three more circuit style exercises, 10 reps each exercise.

The first is a dip.

"You can elevate one leg if you want more of a workout," Crowson said. "You want to try to keep your backside close to the step (bending your arms kind of like a reverse push-up)."

The second exercise in the round is called a plank walk.

"You're just going to put your hands on an elevated surface and come into a plank," Crowson said. "Make sure that your hips are in a flat and even line between your shoulders and the back of your heels. Then from here contract your core muscles, take your hands one at a time step them up and take them back down. The idea is you don't want to move your body at all."

The last exercise in this round is a climbing lunge.

"It's just taking two steps at a time going up the steps, but going really slow and bend the back leg in a lunge," Crowson said. "You can bring your legs together between."

After you complete the last three exercises, you will repeat the three minute cardio blast of running up the stair and jogging back down.

"If you do everything the way we lined it out, it should be about a 30 minute workout and that's really all you need," Crowson said.

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