6/21/17 - Local PDMP's

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

After years of trying and failing to pass a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) for Missouri. Leaders in St. Louis County stepped up and did what state lawmakers wouldn't. They created a program to keep dangerous prescription opioids off of Missouri streets, and they did it with minimal costs. The St. Louis county program is projected to cost only 78 thousand dollars a year. Other jurisdictions that sign on would pay based on their number of participants. The program, which started in April, immediately covered nearly a third of the state's 6 million residents.

Several of our Heartland counties are jumping on board; Ste Genevieve and Stoddard Counties from day one, Madison, Bollinger, Mississippi, New Madrid and Pemiscot Counties go online next month. Perry County is set to join the PDMP in August.

Pemiscot County Sheriff Tommy Greenwell calls the abuse of prescription drugs "a major problem" in his county, and says "he's proud of their County Commissioners for passing the resolution to join the program."

We commend the counties already taking steps to join an effort that protects all of us. But what about the rest of our Southeast Missouri Counties? Will they follow suit? We are hopeful that they will, but we need your help to insure that they do. If you live in Cape Girardeau, Scott, Wayne, Butler, or Dunklin Counties, let your commissioners know you want your county to join the St. Louis County Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Let's tell doctor shoppers and pill abusers Missouri is no longer their personal pharmacy.

I'm Scott Thomas, and that's our ViewPoint.

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