This day in music: 1961 Tossin' & Turnin'

This day in music: 1961 Tossin' & Turnin'

(KFVS) - Let's step back in time and check out the music scene from the early 1960's.

If you were listening to the radio this week in 1961 these were the songs you were likely hearing.

Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 had The Arthur Lyman Group at number five with Yellow Bird. Lyman was famous for his style of Polynesian music and was known as "the King of Lounge music."

At number four was Dee Clark with Raindrops. Clark reportedly wrote the song after a late night drive through a thunderstorm. By the way Bootheel native Narvel Felts released his version of the song in 1974 and it became a top 30 hit.

Gary U.S. Bonds was at number three with Quarter to Three. It was Bonds only number one hit and it's on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock 'n Roll.

In the number two spot was The Boll Weevil Song by Brook Benton. The song was written in the 1800's about a beetle which migrated from Mexico and devastated U.S. cotton crops.  The Boll Weevil Song was one of more than 50 chart hits by Benton from 1958 to 1970.

And in the top spot was Bobby Lewis with one of the biggest hits of the 1960's.  Tossin' and Turnin' spent seven weeks at number one and to this day is a staple on oldies radio.  Billboard ranked it as the number one song of 1961 and the 27th biggest hit of all-time.  You got me tossin' and turnin' all night.

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