10 heartland bands will play in Moonstock 2017

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Music Festival Moonstock is bringing in big names from all over the country including the headliner, Ozzy Ozbourne. But some local bands are getting a share of the stage.

Bands from all around the Heartland have been asked to come, in fact, it's a total of 10. One band from Cape Girardeau is especially excited, The band Isabella started in 9 years ago.

They've been able to play on stages all over the Midwestern east coast and now will play in the same festival as Ozzy.

"We're very honored to be a part of the festival with a lot of people... and we got very lucky and ended up with two time slots at it," said Alex Bettinger, the drummer of the band. "I think that Walkers Bluff is taking a big opportunity to bring something really cool and very rare to a very small area of this country and I think that not a lot of cool stuff happens around here like this and I think people all the time are like I wish more big rocks shows came to the show me center and come to all these places, well here's someone that's doing it, here they are."

Over the years he guesses the band has done more than 150 shows, some of which are seen in their music video for their song Yuengling, but Moonstock will be their biggest show.
"We're on cloud 9," said Bettinger. "It doesn't matter if you're 14, 28, or 48, we're all thrilled to be a part of what Walkers Bluff is putting on."

"Right, I'm super stoked. He's a rock legend, it doesn't get better than that," said Tim Godlove. " "It's become a really cool hobby and maybe even more you know."

Here's a complete list of all the bands playing in Moonstock 2017.

Between now and then the band will play in Louisville on July 8, in Scott City on July 9, and in St. Louis on July 22.

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