Prepare your pooch for a day at the office

Prepare your pooch for a day at the office

(KFVS) - While Fido probably won't need a suit and tie, there are some things you need to do to get him ready for National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Friday, June 23, is National Take Your Dog to Work Day and if your employer will let you take part, the Humane Society of Missouri offered these tips to make sure everyone involved is ready:

  • Be Prepared: Dog owners should check with their employer in advance about participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day. If you do take your dog to work, be respectful of coworkers who may not be participating. Leave pets at home if you think they could become overwhelmed or stressed by the experience.

  • Arrive on Time (or even early): Be sure to give dogs a chance to get comfortable with their new surroundings. Allow them time to do their business outside before heading into the office. Give them a chance to sniff around the dog-safe areas before coworkers arrive.

  • Set up the Space: Loose cords, important papers and small or fragile objects can lead to a “ruff” day for you and your dog if you’re not careful; puppy-proof all workspaces beforehand.

  • Dress to Impress: A fancy new outfit is optional, but dogs should definitely be well-groomed and arrive with their leash, collar and other necessities such as a water bowl, treats, toys and supplies for cleaning up. Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations.

  • Introductions Are Important: Meeting so many new friends can be overstimulating for pooches. Take it slowly, and greet coworkers calmly and cheerfully to allow dogs to relax and feel at ease.

  • Take a Break: Work can be tiring! Dogs will probably need a walk or a little play time throughout the day for a change of pace. If you are in an active working environment, identify a space for your pet to rest in case a nap is needed.

  • Watch and Learn: Be sensitive to pets’ needs as they go through this new experience, and adjust accordingly. It might be helpful to have a plan B in case your dog decides he’s not quite the right fit for the job.

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