Fireworks now on sale in MO; officials urge safety

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - America's birthday is coming up and her citizens like to make it go out with a bang!

So much so, the state of Missouri has legalized the sale of fireworks with some restrictions.

This is done in part to help keep people safe.

Jackson Fire Captain Robert Grief has a message for folks who plan to be around pyrotechnics on Independence Day.

"Let's make it a great holiday and not a hazardous one," said Captain Grief.

Captain Grief said some of the injuries related to fireworks are because they are used inappropriately.

"Shooting bottle rockets at each other, shooting roman candles at each other, It's fun and games but it's extremely dangerous," said Grief.

The possible danger associated with fireworks is why some local laws are more restrictive than Missouri state law.

For example, although the minimum age statewide to buy fireworks is 14 years old, Jackson and Cape Girardeau mandates the minimum age to be 17.

For more guidance about firework safety in Missouri, click here.

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