Cape Girardeau city council votes to increase utility rate

Cape Girardeau city council votes to increase utility rate

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Cape Girardeau City Council voted to increase the utility rate in Monday night's meeting, June 19.

According to Nicolette Brennan, Cape Girardeau city public information manager, a higher utility rate is part of the annual budget.

Brennan said in the meeting the Council approved a 2 percent increase for Cape Girardeau water, sewer and trash bills.

Every year, the cost to provide water, sewer and trash services changes and the city adjusts rates for its customers.

Brennan said the average utility bill will increase $1.56 on July 1 as a result of the increase in water, sewer and trash charges.

According to the City of Cape Girardeau, over the past six years, the average annual increase of 1.24 percent has been lower than the average annual inflation during that period, which was 1.47 percent.

Other new services and policies effective July 1 include:

  • Bills changed from a postcard to a full-sized bill mailed in an envelope
  • Deposit fee for new, transferred or reconnected (due to nonpayment) utility services will increase to $155 to cover the cost of two months of service. Current customers in good standing will not be affected.
  • Two pay agreements will be allowed every 12-month period
  • Following two returned checks on an account, checks will no longer be accepted.
  • Fees for service disconnection and reconnection due to nonpayment have increased from $15 to $15.75 each (a 5 percent increase).

The Council also voted to establish a special assistance fund to match pledges from nonprofit organizations who might help customers pay their utility deposit, which is increasing to $155. The increase will cover the cost of two months of service.

You can click here for information on the city council agenda and here for more on the rate increase.

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