Wandering pig reunited with owner in Murphysboro, IL

Wandering pig reunited with owner in Murphysboro, IL

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - How do you find the owner of a lost pig? For Murphysboro Animal Control, the answer is to simply post a picture on Facebook.

An official at the Murphysboro police department said a female pig wandered up to someone's home on Sunday, June 18. The homeowners fed the pig sausage pizza, but then a problem arose when the pig wouldn't go away. That's when the homeowners reported the pig to police.

Police put the word out on Facebook, even calling local farmers and others to see if anyone was missing a pig. It wasn't until animal control posted a picture of the pig online that the owner came forward.

It's not clear how far the pig traveled or how it got away, but it's been reunited with its owner.

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