Malden, MO community honors mothers and fathers

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - A special event took place in Malden, Missouri on Saturday, June 17.

A Mother's and Father's Day event was held for the community by the Positive Brotherhood group.

Dozens came out to the event held at Martin Luther King Park.

Positive Brotherhood President Greg Killabrew didn't have the opportunity to organize a Mother's Day event for others earlier this year due to the passing of his own mother.

"I wanted to give it a little time," Killebrew said. "So I decided that since it was Father's Day, I would do a Father's Day and Mother's Day program together and honor my mom and other moms who have passed away and some of the people who have been married 20 or better years."

Killabrew said he still wanted to honor his mother but didn't want the community to be left out in any way. So he wanted to make sure the Positive Brotherhood showed their support for both mothers and fathers.

The group also released balloons to remember those fathers and mothers that lost their lives.

Killabrew feels passionate about making sure the community comes together and supports and loves one another. He hopes the younger generation remembers this event to help shape their future in giving love and support for their children as well.

"Hoping that the younger generation will pick up and see the Positive Brotherhood do care about their community and what we got is a movement," Killebrew said. "We want to help everybody, black, white or whatever. We are about helping the community."

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