Self defense tips to survive an abduction

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - There's a special class being taught all over the country. It's not math or science, instead its a class that teaches the basic skills on how to survive an attack.

Some are more designed for kids in elementary school but the instructors, Michael, and Lisa Simmons said it's all the same basic skill set no matter how old you are.

"We've been teaching kids, women, military wives, law enforcement wives, all sorts of different groups for 25 years," said Michael. "We teach you can survive this thing, it is scary but you can survive this thing."

The moves come from instinctual motions and can help keep you from being abducted. It's simple ways to create distance between you and your attacker.

"We tend to go off script," said Michael. "Whatever he says we do the opposite. Be quiet, I'm gonna make a lot of noise. Get in the car, no."

Another key mentioned point is to make sure you know what's going on around you.

"Enough can't be said about knowing where you are and what you're doing, you know a lot of times these days were all kinda glancing down at our phones and walking along and not really sure of where we're at or what we're doing," Lisa said

For some of the older students, they use real speed practice. Someone will wear a padded helmet and vest and pretend to be the attacker. This allows people to practice what it would actually be like to escape an attack.

"You know the basic things that we need to protect ourselves and our welfare and other people, well self-defense training is one of those," said Michael.

The three main tips that both gave to survive an attack were:

  • 1) make a lot of noise if you are caught in a situation
  • 2) make it as difficult as possible for them to grab you
  • 3) get away from them as soon as you can

Simmons said the longer things go on the harder it is to ultimately get away.

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