Portion of home damaged from fire in Carbondale, IL

(Source: Brittany Jacob/KFVS)
(Source: Brittany Jacob/KFVS)
(Source: Brittany Jacob/KFVS)
(Source: Brittany Jacob/KFVS)

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A house fire in Carbondale, Illinois was reported on Thursday, June 15.

Lake of Egypt and Carbondale fire officials responded to the fire and were on scene for several hours.

The Williamson County Fire Protection District reported that the fire was on East Autumn Ridge.

According to members of the family, they were driving home and noticed smoke coming from their house.

Despite the smoke, they went into house, to get their adult child and kittens.

Members of the family said they are not sure how the fire started.

A portion of house was damaged by the flames.

Resident Shelby Hall said she doesn't know how it started.

"Yeah, it was already smoking when we walked up to the door to pick up the rest of the stuff out of the yard....I don't know what caused it," Hall said. "Yeah cuz billy was yelling 'get away get away, it's the house, it's on fire' and i thought OH MY GOD."

Hall told us that she grabbed the kittens but left her purse with all of her medications.

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