An unexpected Hobbit Hole in Southern Illinois

An unexpected Hobbit Hole in Southern Illinois

MAKANDA, IL (KFVS) - Tucked in between the trees in southern Illinois is a clearing, and in that clearing is an unexpected home, a home built in a hole of sorts. In the Rocky Comfort Cabins near Makanda, Illinois there are two Hobbit style homes.

"I just started referring to it during the planning stages as the hobbit house," said Ed Cook, Owner of Rocky Comfort Cabins.

The buildings are partially underground with a live roof. They look very similar to the home portrayed in the Lord of the Rings movie. The round door was especially challenging while keeping it up to code.

"Actually designing and building the door that appears round and actually has and is practical with standard hard wear and weather stripping that was a bit of a challenge but it came off pretty well," said Cook.

There are two hobbit holes Cook built, inside there are copies of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books. The decor also matches what is described in the stories.

Both places have been booked almost every weekend for the past two years since they were built. The time slots for the Eclipse however just went on sale Tuesday morning but that didn't last too long.

"We made that announcement and it booked almost immediately," said Cook.

For the mystical cabins, a price tag of $4,000 for the four-day event. Cook already has a plan for some of that money.

"We made it a point right from the beginning that we were gonna give 20% of the net of each cabin to local charities," he said.

That's $800 to the local Habitat for Humanity and a local animal shelter. The high price tag helps others in need, while still giving the people staying there a great view for the Eclipse.

"You have a good wide open view for when the event happens."

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