Car crash caught on camera in Carbondale, IL

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A car crash in Carbondale, Illinois ruined an empty office building and landed the driver a DUI arrest. A neighboring business caught the entire crash on camera.

Navreet Kang, owner of the State Farm agency directly across the street from the accident, said he didn't expect to have the whole thing on tape.

"I came here to the office, I looked at that building and I said what happened…seemed like a meteor hit," Kang said.

When Kang, arrived to work the next business day, he went to his surveillance system to see if his cameras caught what happened.

"It unveiled the whole story- the car it was going West bound on Main street," Kang said. "And it left the road right in front of my office and hit the curb and became airborne and it was going, my guess, about 40-50 MPH."

For the sake of safety and crime, Kang stays prepared. "I've got an alarm system, I've got cameras. There's always some camera rolling somewhere…"

And thanks to his own security efforts, details of the Sunday morning crash came to light.

"It gives you the whole story, otherwise nobody would know what happened…a picture is worth a thousand words," Kang explained.

According the Carbondale Police Department, this single vehicle crash ended with no serious injuries, but a DUI arrest for the driver and a passenger that fled. The arrest was female born in 1988 - she has already posted bond and will be in court June 22. 

Kang concluded, "Everybody came out OK but that could have been disastrous. It could have turned deadly."

Kong is a city council member and said the city of Carbondale has also installed security cameras on the strip that have paid off in catching crime.

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