Woman helps mom at Paducah store: "mama's gotta stick together"

Woman helps mom at Paducah store: "mama's gotta stick together"
(Source: Jennifer Collier)
(Source: Jennifer Collier)

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - A post on Facebook about a trip to Walmart in Paducah has restored a little faith in humanity for people all over the internet.

Jennifer Collier said she went to the store with her daughter, Ellie, on Monday, June 12.

It was hot, so Collier started the car with remote start, tossed the diaper bag, phone, and keys in the car, and started loading groceries in the trunk.

Little Ellie was a bit fussy as she waited in the cart for her mom to finish loading the groceries.

Somehow, the car doors locked. So, Collier was sitting in the hot parking lot with a fussy little one, trying to come up with a plan. Here's what happened next:

I attempted to push down the back seat through the trunk but her seat base was in the way. Luckily the seat is divided so there was another small hole I could push down. However I just knew I'd get stuck and someone would steal Ellie who was still in the cart!

This is where kindness and a 'Walmart angel' came into play.

Collier said she spotted a woman who she chatted with in line at checkout. The woman was wearing scrubs and had a Lourdes Hospital ID badge. Collier decided to ask the woman for help. She asked if the woman, who's badge said Stacie, if she would watch Ellie while Collier tried to wedge herself through to the front seat to unlock the car.

But, Stacie decided on a different plan. Collier wrote, "However, she was much tinier than my postpartum self and quickly, and cheerfully scrambled into my messy, grocery filled trunk right there in the hot parking lot, and unlocked the doors, saying 'mamas gotta stick together!'"

Thanks to the power of social media, Collier has identified her 'Walmart angel.' Turns out, Stacie is from Metropolis, Illinois. Collier is from New Columbia, Ill.

Collier said she wants to properly thank Stacie for her kindness during a stressful situation.

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