Scott County Body

Scott County Body
By:  CJ Cassidy

Scott County, MO -- A gruesome discovery in Scott County lands Southeast Missouri police in the middle of an investigation into a homicide all the way across the state.

Some local fishermen stumbled across a body deep in the woods in Commerce, and called police.

Turns out the victim's from Shell Knob. The person of interest in this case however is from Southeast Missouri.

No one seemed too surprised police consider Dennis Bisher a person of interest in the case.

Bisher's sister Lori Holifield says he's always had anger problems, and says she helped investigators fill in the missing pieces.

"All they knew was there was a body missing; a man missing, and at that point they didn't know where the boy came from. They had no idea about East Prairie. He should have never come back to family. Family's not gonna have it on their shoulder," Holifield says.

"He laid probably approximately three pieces of driftwood over him to conceal him," Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter says, pointing to the place three fishermen stumbled across 65 year old Bill Nance's body in Commerce.

"But why he transported him this far across the state we have no idea," he adds.

His sister has an idea.  "He came back to family I guess, thinking family would not harm him," she says.

But Holifield says Bisher thought wrong. She admits calling police in Shell Knob after Bisher allegedly tried gettng rid of some evidence.

"He dumped that stuff at my aunt's house. My aunt's in very bad shape he went back there Tuesday morning and burned his clothes there at my aunt's house in New Madrid County," she explains.

Other family members say Bisher changed when his father accidentally shot himself many years ago, after Dennis left a shotgun loaded.

"My brother said I'll just kill myself, and he just sat there with a shotgun, then poked the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger, which blew the top of his head off... and he was kidding around," Bisher's uncle Bryan Bisher says.

Bisher currently sits in the Barry County jail, accused of stealing a truck.

Police here in the Heartland say it's thanks to all the different agencies working together that they were able to get answers so quickly.