This week in music history: 1974 Band on the Run

This week in music history: 1974 Band on the Run

(KFVS) - Let's turn back the clock to the mid-1970s.

This morning we revisit the year-1974.

A gallon of gas cost 55 cents.

The average cost of a new car $3,750.

The big news story of the year was the resignation of President Richard Nixon.   
That didn't happen until August, but this week in '74 these were the most popular songs on the radio.

Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 had Gordon Lightfoot at number five with Sundown. It would go on to be Lightfoot's only number one hit. To this day, there are rumors that Sundown was inspired by Lightfoot's girlfriend at the time, Cathy Smith. Eight years later she would make headlines for her involvement in the drug-related death of actor John Belushi.

In the number four spot was Dancing Machine by the Jackson 5. It was a comeback hit for the Jackson brothers who hadn't had a top ten hit since 1971. The song popularized the physically complicated Robot dance technique which Jackson performed on an episode of Soul Train.

The Stylistics were at number three with You Make Me Feel Brand New. It was the soul group's final top ten hit.

A novelty song was in the number two spot. Ray Stevens set out to capitalize on fad of streaking so he sat down and wrote The Streak. People went crazy over the song. The record sold over 5 million copies around the world. Each of the songs three verses had "your action news reporter" covering a streaking event around town. It features what became a catch phrase of '74 "Don't Look Ethel!!"

And in the top spot for this week was Paul McCartney and is band Wings with the title track from their album Band on the Run. It's one of the most famous songs of McCartney's post-Beatles career.

Band on the Run, which is a medley of song fragments, drew praise from former band mate John Lennon who called it quote "a great song and a great album."

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