Lake Level Mystery Solved

Lake Level Mystery Solved
By: Wes Wallace

Heartland News got to the bottom of a lake level mystery, at the bottom of a lake. Actually it's more at the side of the lake.
Several calls to the newsroom about dead fish and the receding waters of Lyerla Lake in Union County prompted Jason Lindsey to investigate on Monday.
After contacting the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, we learned that several recent earthquakes probably have something to do with the strange goings on at the popular fishing spot.
"We noticed the levels going down after the earthquake," says Nick Dolce, who heads up the IDNR in Southern Illinois, "but I don't know if that's exactly what caused it or not."
Dolce says last week workers noticed a two inch gap in the cement siding of a holding pond near the lake, and that water was leaking out. Over time, that leak slowly drained part of the lake, in turn, that lower water meant less oxygen for the fish, and that's why they died.
Dolce explains crews have sealed that leak and have put up a pump in nearby flood stream to try to replace the water in Lyerla Lake. As for the fish, he says they'll just have to restock.