Fireworks Fight

Fireworks Fight
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO -- A night of celebrating takes a dangerous turn, after a fireworks call lands a Cape Girardeau police officer in hospital and four people behind bars.
Police still haven't found the suspect they say assaulted the officer.

Police say a resident on South Hanover Street claimed someone hit their home with fireworks. Police say a rowdy crowd had gathered and when officers tried to get the situation under control, someone hit  Sgt. Kevin Orr in the head with a metal object.

Sgt. Orr suffered some cuts and a swelling on his head but he felt well enough to report back to duty Tuesday night.
Police say he was approached by three unknown black males.  One of them took a metal object and struck him in the head with it.
Louis Hogan, Jr. says police came just in time to stop youngsters from doing some serious damage to his house.
"They were hitting our windows stuff like that scaring everybody in the house because roman candles can break glass it did do some damage... it set the back porch and the tarp on fire telling them to quit because they were firing at me," Hogan says.
Not everyone's pleased with the way police diffused the situation.
"I'm not doing anything then a police officer ran up and maced me in the face," Mary Williams says.
Police say Williams advanced on officers as they tried to arrest her son, so one patrolman sprayed pepper spray in her direction.
Officers say they tazed William's son when he tried to fight them off, and later found out he was also wanted on an arrest warrant in St. Louis.
Meanwhile Louis Hogan says his hopes to settle into his new neighborhood fizzled out after Monday night.
"Iexpected more responsible people and adults with fireworks instead of a bunch of kids firing at each other thinking its funny not thinking of the damage it could do," he says.
Police say the incident was an isolated one, not something they expect to see again. They say they have good relationships with people on Hanover Street and hope to maintain those relationships.

If you have any information that might help police find the suspect who assaulted Sgt. Orr, call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at (573) 332-0500.