Crews to redo downtown Cape Girardeau road improvements after water main break

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Just weeks after the city of Cape Girardeau finished its $1.2 million worth of improvements, crews will be tearing up what they just finished.

City Engineer Casey Brunke said last weekend's water main break may have done more damage than first thought.

"The water main break was really close to a storm water tunnel that we have that basically runs under the street here," said Brunke.

In order to see if the break damaged the tunnel, Brunke said they have no choice but to dig under this brand new concrete.

"If we have to fix the storm water tunnel because there was damage from the water leak, we will do that," Brunke said.

Brunke said they city will pay for the damages and the contractor who did the initial street work won't charge more to fix the street when they're finished.

"You won't ever know that we had a patch once it's done."

But how will this effect businesses?

"I would anticipate that if we have to do some work on the storm water tunnel we might have a partial street closure," she said.

The possibility of construction on Main Street again has some worried business might slow down, again.

"If they see they can't park... they don't come really," said Josh Ervin, an employee at Hotshots.

Ervin said business slowed down during the initial work.

"The first construction we just kind of dealt with it. There were some promotions we did to help bring people in," he said.

Even with the promotions. they still felt it.

Atelier employee, Tatum May, said they will probably use their same strategy.

"We just tried to get the word out that businesses down here were still open," May said.

Brunke did offer some good news: Main Street will only be blocked off on one side, making it possible for traffic to still move during this latest, unexpected project.

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