Students build tiny home in Franklin County, IL

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Students from three different high schools in Franklin County, Illinois created a tiny house of their own.

For the entire school year, the construction trades class worked every week to build a fully functional tiny house.

Regional Superintendent Matt Donkin explained the purpose behind it.

"It has the chance for students to be able to go out with a skill, with a trade and maybe step right into something...not everyone is going to college," he said. "The other thing we need to do in education is make sure people have skills about working hard, showing up and being able to solve problems.  And those are the kind of things that these classes do."

Donkin said the bids are back open and they are looking for the best offer.

He said it's about $20,000 invested in the home and the money will go back to the students to fund the next class' project.

If you're interested in buying the tiny home, you can contact the Regional Office of Education in Benton.

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