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Kinkaid Lake Marina: Trailers not allowed to be stored on district property

(Source: Stock image/Pixabay) (Source: Stock image/Pixabay)

If you parked your trailer at the Kinkaid Lake Marina, you're being asked to go pick it up.

The Marina posted on Facebook that most of the boats and trailers were out by the road for people to come pick up. They ask that you do so by the weekend.

The Marina rents their property and it must pass inspection from a conservancy group.

An inspection of the property will take place on Monday June 5. The Marina has been trying to warn its customers of the coming inspection for around 6 months.

Harold Tarrants, who helps out at the Marina, decided to take it upon himself to move trailers that were still on the property and move them onto the road to help speed up the process. While it does have a few of the residents upset, he said the marina will try and help accommodate people having problems getting their trailers off the property.

"It's probably not going to cost them anymore, there are several boat facilities that are set up better for it, and shouldn't be to inconvenient for them, if they want to keep their trailers here and not take them home they can take them to one of those facilities," said Tarrants.

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