Carbondale businesses cope with large construction project

Carbondale businesses cope with large construction project

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The City of Carbondale started a large-scale construction project on Illinois 51, one of Carbondale's busiest streets.

This is good and bad news for local business owners. Rachael Bonner's business, Salon Euphoria, sits right at the end of the construction. She said she is excited about the outcome, and dealing with the inconvenience.

"I just put a sign on our door, please use our back door, so it hasn't really affected anything besides maybe some walk in business for buying product or a walk in haircut, but other than that we are staying busy the entire time because we have our back door," Bonner said.

Her neighbor, Mel Gastal, owner of Sabor de Mel, does not have the luxury of a backdoor anymore.

"Today especially, because you have people working in the front of the restaurant and also in the back, so I'm kind of in the middle of two constructions," Gastal said.

She is worried for her customers.

"The people don't know how to get here," Gastal said. "There is no parking lot available today in the back. In the front you saw how it is."

If you walk down the wooden sidewalk on the strip, you will notice that businesses have put out signs to alert their customers that yes, they are indeed open.

Gastal said her business is hurting a lot, but she prefers the construction now, rather than later.

"It's good for us that they are doing it right now because the school is done, the businesses are a little low this time of the year," Gastal said. "So I think it's a good time to do it. And if it's going to be for the better, so it's going to be amazing for I'm hoping for the best," Gastal describes.

"Anything to make it better because if it looks better, then my business will do better. I look forward to all the changes," Bonner said.

The plan includes sidewalks, lighting, greenery and landscaping. It is scheduled to be completed two weeks before the eclipse.

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