5/31/17 - Textalyzer

5/31/17 - Textalyzer

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

Of all the distractions while driving, one of the worst culprits is texting. You would think that, with all the overwhelming evidence showing the dangers, drivers would naturally use common sense and refrain. But you would be wrong.  For some reason, countless drivers across the country, and here in the Heartland, make the selfish choice to put innocent people at risk by texting while driving. And they do it everyday.

Now, one father whose son was killed by a texting driver, has had enough. He's pushing for a law that would allow police to use what's called a "textalyzer." It's a plug-in device that would examine a driver's cell phone to determine if they had been tapping or swiping at the time of the crash.

There's opposition because of privacy concerns that personal information could be obtained. And we're sensitive to that. But your right to privacy, in this case, stops with the risk of harming innocent people. And besides, the police don't care who, what, or why you're texting. They just want to see if a driver WAS texting at the time of the accident.

Look, if drivers would just stop making the stupid, reckless choice to text and drive, we wouldn't even need to consider measures like this. But, since drivers continue to make that choice, we would support adopting "textalyzer" laws in our Heartland states

Before you disagree with us ask yourself the question: Did I Text and drive today?  If you knew that someone could tell if you had, would you still text?  ……That's what I thought…..

I'm Scott Thomas, and that's our ViewPoint.


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