Bill to fund domestic violence centers moves to IL Senate

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A bill that would fund domestic violence centers across Illinois headed from the House to the Senate on Tuesday, May 30, but lawmakers are running out of time.

They have until midnight on Wednesday to pass the measure.

As we've said, the Women's Center in Carbondale relies on state funding to continue domestic violence victims.

The Center's executive director said she's hopeful, but also preparing in case it doesn't pass.

"We'll be doing some more cutbacks if it doesn't pass and we'll do everything we can to keep the shelter and the crisis line operating until we see some funding but funds only last so long and when you have a contract that's not being paid for the services that you provide, it puts you in a really difficult situation," Cathy McClanahan, executive director of the Women's Center, said.

The Illinois Coalition Against Violence is asking supporters to reach out to their senators to stress how vital these services are in advance of their vote.

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